Business Central How-To : Item Attributes. Could These Help My Business?

Item Attributes are a unique feature in BC, but not everybody uses them to their full advantage – most usually as it’s not always clear how they can be beneficial for your business.

This function essentially serves as user-defined classifications that can be assigned to items, which aids in several ways:

Enhanced Search and Filtering

You can search for items based on specific attributes, such as size, color, or model year, which can massively improve the customer experience, especially in an integrated web shop scenario.

Better Organization

Item Attributes help businesses to categorize items more effectively, making it easier for both you and your employees to manage inventory.

Informed Decision Making

By analysing item attributes, you can make better-informed decisions about stock levels, item variations, and sales strategies. Why not plug in something like PowerBI or Jet Reports to really enhance your data analysis on this front?

Customization and Flexibility

You can create custom attributes that are unique to your business needs, offering a level of customization that can adapt as your business grows. No need to try to make your business fit a pre-defined set of attributes.

Integration with E-Commerce

Item Attributes can be particularly useful for e-commerce platforms, where detailed item information can significantly influence purchasing decisions. Did you know that BC comes with an integrated Shopify Connector out of the box?

Marketing and Sales

Make life easier for your marketing teams, who can use item attributes to classify items for promotions, catalogues, or websites, aiding in targeted marketing efforts. You can then turbo-charge this function by using the inbuilt CoPilot AI function to create snappy marketing blurbs based on your Item Attributes.

Image Analyzer Extension

If you attach pictures to items, as many businesses do, the Image Analyzer extension can detect attributes in the image and suggest them for assignment, streamlining the process.

If you’d like to discuss more about how Item Attributes and Business Central can transform your business, reach out today to Brookland Solutions for a no obligation discussion.  Get in touch!

June 10, 2024