Business software and golden parachutes – is it time for action?

We all understand the concept of the ‘golden parachute’ as it applies to upper management. Buying off an employment contract can be costly, but we all understand that inaction often leads to even higher costs. That’s why we need to bite the financial bullet and take action: poorly performing managers must be asked to leave an organisation. The same story exists regarding long-term property leases: if the use of the property is declining, it’s often more sensible to buy off the contract.

Have you noticed how differently we act when it comes to poorly functioning business software? In contrast to the above examples, poorly functioning ERP systems are usually tolerated for much longer, even though they can do your business a lot of damage.

These solutions can enable an organisation’s growth and success – and can even make the difference between survival and bankruptcy. An inadequate ERP solution can irreparably damage a company, yet the CFO will often wait until the last minute to approve research for a replacement.

All around the world, organisations will argue to replace their ERP or CRM systems, for various reasons. Perhaps the vendor has gone belly-up, or rules and regulations are no longer honoured. Maybe the existing version of the software is no longer supported.

And yet, one of the first questions of upper management remains: “Can’t we wait until next year?” Meanwhile, your service level has declined alarmingly, your employees are frustrated, dissatisfied customers are leaving the company and you have no control over your numbers.

Instead of being reactive and waiting until the last minute, go on the offensive. Investments in ERP systems should be made for pro-active reasons. If your current system is no longer adequate, give it a golden parachute! Start researching new ERP solutions today so you can say goodbye to your existing system as soon as possible and implement an appropriate alternative.

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November 7, 2022