Empowered for Business Central Professional Services

Empowered Business Central for Professional Services gives users more control on their internal projects and sub-projects.

Empowered Business Central for professional services is a collection of industry-standard solutions which enrich the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Empowered Professional Services offers a wide range of functionalities, from Advanced Costing to Promotions & Actions and from Advanced Project Management to Complaint Management.

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Extended Attribute Management

Standard Business Central lets users add custom data to items and item categories. With Extended Attributes Management, users can add custom data to customers, vendors, contacts, jobs, and resources. This makes it easier to search, group, sort, and filter the data.

Advanced Costing

Advanced Costing functionality helps users calculate the true cost of an item, including all additional costs such as shipping, customs clearance, insurance, and volume discounts. This allows users to make more informed decisions about pricing and inventory management.

Easy Item Finder

Finding items in Business Central can be difficult and filtering item categories is not always easy. This app feature improves item visibility and search by grouping items together in a clear hierarchy of categories and subcategories.

Complaint Management

With Complaint Management functionality users can define the type (e.g., product quality, billing, shipping) and status (e.g., open, solved, closed), and priority level for each complaint or non-conformity, set different status steps per complaint type, add comments, link documents, and assign tasks to employees, etc.

Promotions & Actions

With the Promotions and Actions functionality users have access to a full discount & price management system – allowing them to create & run multiple promotions for specific items/customers, and allowing for the easy definition of target customers, products or product groups as well as fully automating promotions on quotes & orders.


Document Management System, DMS for short, allows your users to store external documents in Business Central. This feature allows for storage directly in Business Central. 

Advanced Pricing & Discounts

With Advanced Pricing and Discounts functionality users can apply 3 levels of discount percentages at the same time, manage different price & discount groups per customer/item/item group, combine different types of discounts. All this makes price & discount maintenance easy as well as improving transparency of margins.

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management allows users to create and manage custom lifecycles for items, customers, and vendors. For each lifecycle status, users can block or allow certain processes in Business Central. This gives them more control over how their data is managed and used.

Time Registration

Business Central only allows to track time in total hours per day per task, without the ability to specify a “from-until” time. Time Registration functionality provides a user-friendly time tracking tool that allows to track time in days, hours, and minutes in a single screen.

Advanced Project Management

Use Advanced Project Management to manage projects from top to toe – define project types. assign tasks, tracks status & due dates, easily record time spent on projects.

Rental Management

Rental Management of Empowered Business Central allows users to efficiently manage rental assets with ease and user-friendly interface. This feature caters to the needs of both rental companies and construction firms with internal rental services.

Logisitics Orders

With the Logistic Orders feature users can request materials from the warehouse directly within their project environment to make sure the project team gets equipment and material on time.  

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