Looking for easy warehouse management with Business Central?

Tasklet Factory makes warehouse management easy with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

We recently spent some time with Mickey Svendsen, Business Developer at Tasklet Factory. We asked him a few questions about their product and why it’s such a great add-on to Business Central.

Read on to learn more about Tasklet.

Who is Tasklet appropriate for?

Tasklet Mobile WMS is a user-friendly barcode scanning solution that is relevant for all businesses – across industries – who want to minimise errors and boost performance by adding digital guidance and validation to their warehouse operations. We have customers who are retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, service providers; you name it.

Tasklet Mobile WMS integrates seamlessly with your Dynamics ERP system, is quick and easy to install, and can be modified to fit your warehouse processes.

How can Tasklet help my business?

Tasklet helps businesses improve everyday warehouse tasks across industries by expanding the boundaries of efficiency through the reduction of errors and warehouse costs. In Tasklet, the goal has always been to build a tool capable of eliminating pain points such as inefficient picking, misplaced items, wrong shipments, and data inaccuracy – which is exactly what we have done, and more.

With Tasklet Mobile WMS installed as an extension to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, we make sure that you can update your system in real time directly from a handheld device by either scanning barcodes or typing in data points. This makes your business able to track and verify item quantities and whereabouts in the inbound, internal, as well as outbound processes of your warehouse flow. We simply make businesses able to confidently say goodbye to pen & paper and hello to an empowered workforce and better decision-making.

I’m on NAV right now, but I’ll probably upgrade to Business Central in the next few years – does Tasklet support that?

Yes, of course – this is what we’re all about! We support everything from NAV2013 to the latest version of Business Central, with active development for both cloud and on-prem Business Central solutions.

The transition to Business Central is straightforward and something we have done many times, and so this should not be of any concern if you are considering going with Tasklet.  We have been in the game for more than 15 years and have successfully travelled with hundreds of customers from NAV to BC.

What equipment do I need to support Tasklet?

All you need to use Tasklet Mobile WMS is a handheld device and the right licensing. We currently support approximately 35 devices from the best brands in the barcode scanning space. This is our only prerequisite, as we support everything from the simple warehouse setup receiving on purchase orders or picking on sales orders to more advanced warehouses with directed workflows and consolidated warehouse documents.

Need assistance choosing the right barcode scanner? We have hardware experts ready to guide you.

What does implementation look like?

Implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS is hassle-free. With you and your Microsoft Dynamics Partner on top of your warehouse setup in the ERP system, all you need is to install the Mobile WMS app for Business Central or the Mobile WMS objects in NAV, connect your scanners using the device management software included in the solution, and then you are ready to train, test, and go-live.

You get so much out-of-the-box, but if you need more than standard NAV or Business Central functionality the solution can be expanded to fit your needs.

Ready to get started harnessing the power of Tasklet?

Get in touch: https://bit.ly/3k71yLx

March 20, 2024


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