Meet the Team: Lesley Abraham

It’s the people at Brookland Solutions that make the company special. There are many Microsoft Partners out there, but our customers choose Brookland Solutions because of our outstanding team.

Our latest team member to be featured in our Meet the Team series is Lesley Abraham, one of our Senior Consultants.

Lesley has been with us since we first incorporated. In fact, she met Stafford, Paul and Martin when working at a previous company.

She’s involved with helping customers implement Business Central and develop their use of the software. She provides ongoing support for their new ERP systems and maintains client relationships.

Before Lesley started with Brooklands, she was a Dynamics NAV Consultant at Alphameric. She spent 10 years working at Centrax, an engineering company, and prior to that, she spent 14 years in the banking industry.

One thing Lesley loves about working at Brooklands is the variety. She’s involved in many different things, working with a variety of customers and business sectors.

When Lesley is not at work, she enjoys gardening, reading and travelling to music festivals. She particularly enjoys Rewind in Henley and Let’s Rock in Exeter and Shrewsbury.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this chapter of Meet the Team! It truly is the people who make Brookland Solutions so different.

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March 27, 2024


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