Meet the Team: Lianne Perkins

The people here at Brookland Solutions are what make the company special. There are plenty of Microsoft Partners out there, but the reason companies choose Brookland Solutions is because of our fantastic people.

Lianne Perkins is one of our NAV/BC consultants. She’s been with Brookland Solutions for two years now, and she handles project management from end to end, helping to find the best solutions for our customers by liaising with our developers. She also runs training sessions and refresher sessions for our clients.

Lianne likes that Brookland Solutions is a smaller company: she says there’s a lot of knowledge among team members, and everyone shares what they know. It’s a very personable work environment, and she says that passes on to clients as well.

When she’s not working, Lianne enjoys reading ‘whodunit’ novels, including those by Agatha Christie. She’s also an amateur photographer and loves taking wildlife shots in her spare time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this chapter of Meet the Team! It truly is the people who make Brookland Solutions so different.

February 20, 2024


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