Meet the Team: Paul Fancy

We’re starting a new series called Meet the Team!

The people here at Brookland Solutions are what make the company special. There are plenty of Microsoft Partners out there, but the reason companies choose Brookland Solutions is because of our fantastic people.

Our first team member to be featured is Paul Fancy, one of our Directors. Paul has been with Brookland Solutions since 2008 when the company started, and he’s been working with NAV and Business Central for almost 22 years.

Paul’s primary responsibilities include running the business and working to grow it. He’s also involved in the technical side of things, including development – and he helps out with admin and support when needed. He is also an advocate for embracing the new and exciting features contained in each release of Business Central and makes sure that any new development features are always contemplated when considering new customer requests.

Paul says that Brookland Solutions has always been very much an employee-friendly place to work. Everyone on the team works remotely and Paul thinks that it’s nice to have the flexibility to work from home.

He also enjoys the fact that the majority of the customer base has been with Brooklands from the start, which has enabled them to understand their customers at both a professional and personal level.

When he’s not working, Paul enjoys running, playing golf and skiing, though much of his time is spent standing on the side while his son trains for his school ski club at Alpine Snowsports in Aldershot.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first chapter of Meet the Team! It truly is the people who make Brookland Solutions so different.

December 12, 2023