Microsoft Dynamics 365: The Number 1 Most Commonly Selected and Implemented ERP System

The US-based consulting firm Third Stage Consulting is a leading, independent advisor and thought leader in the worldwide market for ERP software, business transformation, operational change management and business advisory. With operations in North America, EMEA and Asia and with offices in Denver, London, Cape Town and Brisbane, the company has a great overview of the trends and developments of the global ERP market. 

Third Stage Consulting traditionally publishes their annual top 10 of the most implemented ERP systems around the world. The 2023 edition of this top 10 was published recently, and that list is led by Microsoft Dynamics 365. This is a great result that Microsoft and its partner eco-system can rightly be proud of!

This is what TSC says about the context of their annual research: 

“There are a plethora of ERP software solutions to choose from in the marketplace today. Sorting through all of them can be a daunting process. So it can be helpful to look to the market to see which systems are most commonly adopted by organizations throughout the world. At Third Stage Consulting, we unveil the top 10 ERP systems that we have recommended the most to our clients from our offices throughout the world. This compilation is an independent ranking based on the frequency that our clients have chosen the leading ERP software in the market.”

And this explains why Microsoft Dynamics 365 was chosen to be the top ERP system: 

“Coming in at number one is the system that we recommend the most to our clients. That system is Microsoft Dynamics 365. And to be clear, we’re talking here about both Business Central and Finance & Operations. Some might argue that we should split those out and assess or consider those two systems separately. But we look at it under the same umbrella of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the purposes of this ranking. 

Microsoft D365 is recommended often because so many of our clients are looking for flexibility. Some of them are looking for alternatives to some of the bigger, more rigid, monolithic ERP systems in the marketplace. Many of our clients also like the Microsoft ‘look and feel’ and the integration to other Microsoft products like Power BI, SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, etc. Those are many of the reasons why we recommend the product so often to our client base. The commonality between these organizations is that they are all looking for robust and flexible capabilities. And that’s why Microsoft D365 is the product that we’ve recommended the most to our clients in recent months.”

Other ERP systems ranking in the top 10 include Oracle Netsuite, Infor Cloud Suite and SAP S/4HANA. 

Are you interested in learning why Dynamics 365 ranks as the number one ERP for 2023? Do you want to understand what this solution can mean for your organization? 

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December 15, 2022


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