Production Power App

Have you heard of Production PowerApp? It’s a game-changer for companies in the manufacturing industry.

Business Central doesn’t always cope well in its raw form for the needs of manufacturing companies. That’s where Production PowerApp comes in.

When we saw the challenges that some of our customers in the manufacturing industry were experiencing, we set out to create an app to solve these issues. This is the result.

Production PowerApp is perfect for manufacturing companies relying on Production Orders.  This app eliminates the need for manual tracking, which means you can say goodbye to tedious data entry in Business Central.

What it does:

  • User-friendly interface for Shopfloor Teams
  • Start/Pause/Stop tracking activities effortlessly
  • Entries in BC’s Output Journal with relevant info
  • Pause functionality for employee breaks
  • Auto-finish feature ensures tasks are completed
  • End-of-day routine for auto-posting Output Journal
  • Multi-device support for seamless team collaboration

Benefits to your business:

  • Know exactly what stage of manufacturing a product is at
  • Accurately track labour output with specific start and end times
  • Measure productivity for employee perks and bonuses
  • Reduce admin time and resources for manual data entry
  • Adapt PowerApp to suit your business needs

Say goodbye to manual hassles and hello to streamlined manufacturing processes!

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February 29, 2024


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