Empowered for Business Central : Advanced Costings

The Empowered Advanced Costing functionality is part of the Empowered suite of tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It helps users calculate the true cost of an item by including all additional costs such as shipping, customs clearance, and insurance. This feature ensures that the inventory value reflects the actual cost of goods more accurately.

Key aspects of Empowered Advanced Costing include:

  • Accurate Cost Tracking: It allows for the inclusion of various indirect costs associated with purchasing items, providing a more precise cost calculation.
  • Enhanced Inventory Valuation: By accounting for all costs, businesses can have a more accurate valuation of their inventory.
  • Better Financial Reporting: With a clearer picture of costs, financial reporting and analysis can be improved, leading to better business decisions.

The Advanced Costing feature is available in Empowered for Retail, Professional Services, Manufacturing & Wholesale and Distribution.

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June 26, 2024


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