Empowered for Business Central : Advanced Pricing & Discounts

The Empowered Advanced Pricing & Discounts functionality is part of the Empowered suite of tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Business Central only allows one discount per line, and always chooses the cheapest price. The Advanced Pricing and Discounts functionality gives users more control, letting them combine multiple discounts and define them at different levels (customer, customer group, item, item group, or a combination of these). For example, users could set a standard discount for a customer group and an extra discount for a specific customer-item combination. They could also give a customer a high discount for one item group and a lower discount for another.

With Advanced Pricing and Discounts, users can:

  • Apply 3 levels of discount percentages at the same time
  • Manage different price and discount groups per customer, item or item group
  • Combine different types of discounts
  • Make maintenance easy
  • Improve transparency of margins

The Advanced Pricing & Discounts feature is available in Empowered for Retail, Professional Services, & Wholesale and Distribution.

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July 2, 2024


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