Empowered for Business Central : Lifecycle Management

The Empowered Lifecycle Management functionality is part of the Empowered suite of tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Lifecycle Management allows users to create and manage custom lifecycles for items, customers, and vendors. For each lifecycle status, users can block or allow certain processes in Business Central. This gives them more control over how their data is managed and used.

For example, users can create a lifecycle for items with the stages “New”, “Active”, “End of Life”, and “Inactive”. Then, users can block the sales quotes from being created for items in the “End of Life” stage. This will prevent the sales team from offering discontinued products to customers.

Users can also create a lifecycle for customers with the stages “New”, “Active”, and “On Hold”. Users can then require a credit check to be completed for new customers before shipping their first order. This can help protect their business from financial losses.

The Lifecycle Management feature can help users improve the efficiency and accuracy of their business processes.

With Lifecycle Management, users can:

  • Create different statuses
  • Add the status to the items
  • Keep track of status changes
  • Block certain processes such as sales quote, order, shipment, purchase order, receipt, invoice, etc.

The Lifecycle Management feature is available in Empowered for Retail, Professional Services, & Wholesale and Distribution.

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June 28, 2024


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